Persistence and experience!

Selling your home can be a very emotional experience, not to mention, a daunting task. The amount of money involved in this transaction will make it one of the most important financial transactions that you conduct in your lifetime. That said, you had better make sure to choose the right Real Estate Agent / Realtor, like I did… When researching and interviewing real estate agents, in an effort to find the right listing agent, I was looking for, and demanded, effective management, leadership, experience, customer service, accuracy, transparency, and the ability to meet each and every deadline throughout the transaction. There are numerous key variables, rules, regulations, etc., that all play significant roles during the process of this transaction, and I wanted to make sure that the agent I was working with would efficiently execute this transaction while making the entire process as seamless as possible for me. (Selling a home is not my line of work so, while I want to be well informed throughout the entire process, I do not want to be involved in every single step.) That said, the entire listing and sales process of my home was masterfully choreographed by Emma Ximena Samardge, from our first conversation through the day of closing. I could not have asked for a more professional, polite, knowledgeable, and effective, Realtor. Following our initial correspondence, Ximena provided me with a comprehensive comparative market analysis specific to my zip code, and also, specific to my neighborhood / adjacent subdivisions. This additional step that Ximena took helped me to better understand the true value of my home, especially since there weren’t many comparable sales in my neighborhood in the recent past. Ximena arrived at a listing price that struck a balance between the comparable sales and the amenities my home offered, while also addressing its age and need for a few updates. Ximena’s presentation for the listing price left nothing to the imagination and was backed by thorough research and data. After signing the listing agreement, Ximena uploaded all the information within 24 hours and scheduled two successful open houses that first weekend. Additionally, her marketing plan went beyond just listing the home. Ximena distributed door hangers throughout my neighborhood in an effort to inform everyone that a house had just been listed for sale, and also mailed out postcards about the new listing. After six days on the market, Ximena presented me with multiple offers for my home. I ended up choosing an offer that Ximena negotiated for $5,500 over my asking price! That is when the real work began… Ximena kept me up to date on the progress of the sale, but it was not the easiest of transactions. Persistence and experience, coupled with Ximena’s professional style kept this deal on track, even through two negotiated extensions due to the Buyer’s needing more time. Ximena’s knowledge and network are what ultimately closed this deal. I know how hard Ximena worked to get this deal closed and, in the end, I received the highest and best value for my home, which is exactly what I set out for in the first place. I wanted a Realtor who would work their hardest for me not just in the good times, but, even more so, when things got difficult. That is when you see the true value of any professional, and that is exactly the type of work ethic that I received from Ximena. I would highly recommend Emma Ximena Samardge to anyone who is either looking to buy or sell a home.